Spirit’s Atmospheric Change

Packing soul’s boxes

Thoughts of the Past

Changing address…going to

Live in “Hallelujah!” at last

Rarified locale where

Slender is distance

‘Tween lesser Earth…Heaven

God’s Kingdom there

‘Mid dusk horizon, fresh season

Atmospheric haven

Days dew-pearled, roseate light

Not perfection’s confection

But Grace-lifted countenance

Inner altitude’s attitude gilding

Crow’s-feet complexion

Funk-trunk’s latched…keys cast

Won’t need old clothes…those

Long gone out of fashion

I’ll wear glad rags Christ chose

His Star beckons, love-bright

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.


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Dubious Success

A dubious success

Which garners wild

Worldwide acclaim

Burning torch so tall

Fiery idol’s flame

Like dark siren’s call

May lure the masses

Stir evil’s afflicted madness

And in bright wink

Of dying star

Soon consume

Spirit’s candlewick

Soul shattered, scattered

Mere smoke plume afar

In time, few remember name

Reason for brief glimmer, fame

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.


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Riff the Word, Reap Blessings

Riffing through Bible

I pause to read verses

Underlined long decades ago…

God’s Word, always fresh

Ever relevant…good Bread of Life

Fountain of cool Living Water

Comfort, heal, nurture

Guide, encourage—too many

Favorites to choose, name

But there’s an introductory

Phrase which whisper-sings

Rings through my heart:

“At just the right time”*

It prefaces every rescue, joy

Miracle, answered prayer, provision

I have ever needed before

And will require Tomorrow

His faithful patient loving care

Remain the same

Page after page, everywhere

He blesses folks least deserving

Faithless who despise, reject Him…

Many days I feel like

One of Moses’ Israelites

Shuffling ‘mid desert wilderness

En route to Land of Promise

Murmuring petty complaints, and whining

“Are we there yet, Lord?”

*Romans 5:6 (New Internat’l Version)

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.


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Not Overlooked (Veteran’s Day)

I did not forget

To Remember

Held honor close, hushed

Respect…where heart

Needs no calendar note

Veterans gone, and those

Serving proud…

Too many lost, marching yet

Amid dust, mud and mines

Mental battles, artillery loud

War which continues on and on

Ceaselessly savage, unrepentant

While hearth fires, vigil candles

Burn with aching devotion, the

Prayers of the penitent…

I did not overlook day

Marked for remembrance

Each hour the courageous

Bleed, fall, suffer torments

Mercy’s pleas rise to God’s throne

Murmured names of our veterans

Bittersweet incense

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

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Black Bannered Love

Wails now whispers

Voice gone raspy, then

Mute…time and mourning

Made off with songs, laughter

Sole attire limp black linen dress

Frayed-worn-regal, grief-weighted

By love which won’t let go of

Widow he never knew…words

He no doubt discarded, her

Letter-poems left at his door

Brief trembly-brave visit ignored

What choice did he have

Wed to another…king of world

Rich-different, removed…ruled

By fearsome god ‘recluse’

Two decades since he sailed

From Earth…count four more

Past autumn she clasped

Him hidden to heart

Undying obsession bides crepe-

Banner’d black…breaths echo dry

Leaves rustling November

She tips Mona Lisa lips

To charcoal-drawn sky

Nourishes his ghost with

Fond foolish recollections

Artist’s character admired

Flame-blue regarding eyes

Ardent ageless affections

He’ll no longer refuse

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.


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