Black Bannered Love

Wails now whispers

Voice gone raspy, then

Mute…time and mourning

Made off with songs, laughter

Sole attire limp black linen dress

Frayed-worn-regal, grief-weighted

By love which won’t let go of

Widow he never knew…words

He no doubt discarded, her

Letter-poems left at his door

Brief trembly-brave visit ignored

What choice did he have

Wed to another…king of world

Rich-different, removed…ruled

By fearsome god ‘recluse’

Two decades since he sailed

From Earth…count four more

Past autumn she clasped

Him hidden to heart

Undying obsession bides crepe-

Banner’d black…breaths echo dry

Leaves rustling November

She tips Mona Lisa lips

To charcoal-drawn sky

Nourishes his ghost with

Fond foolish recollections

Artist’s character admired

Flame-blue regarding eyes

Ardent ageless affections

He’ll no longer refuse

©Sand Lashelsea, 2017 ~ All rights reserved.

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3 thoughts on “Black Bannered Love

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